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Again, appreciate the scripture = good stuff

But as to the subject:

"Right now the criminals think they own the air as in they think they are to profit off the air as in carbon tax."

If we focus attention on dinner, then dinner is not likely to be burnt to a crisp, and nourishment, which is power, fuels the human beings that can be fueled because that effort is focused to reach that goal, and the goal is reached, the food is not burnt and consumed in fire.

You can't give someone asking you for air if you breath it, since you are consuming it, not giving it.

If there is plenty of air, then who has to ask you for any air?

If you make air scarce for someone, that is called, in one tried and true method, strangulation.

If we call strangulation, as it is occurring, right there, and right there, and over there, calling those examples of strangulation, we call that, a name other than strangulation,then we can play with words, so much fun. I like fun.

How about socialism? A fine name. That guys is removing access to air so that is a case of socialism.

There is that guy over there asking for air. There is that person saying here you go, here is some air, and here is even more air, more than you asked for, and the person asking for air want's all the air, leaving none for anyone else, so that person does what, as that person grips the other person by the throat and closes off all access to the air, for that person, so, what are we going to call that act of closing off all access to the air that would otherwise flow into that person?


Ok that works for me to, so long as we are going to call that socialism, why don't we call the food in the oven a chair.

I can call the thing I drive to the store a duck too.

I need to get some more air, so I'm going to drive my duck out of China, since the socialism is so bad in China that it is becoming almost impossible to breath, but hey, the rumor is that China is being blessed with capitalism these days, so why not give them all they are asking for and more?