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Comment: How does being a nomad change

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How does being a nomad change

How does being a nomad change anything about the data? We are designed for plant based diets.

Eating mainly animal sources is not sustainable practice in the first place. I could make the same argument for plants. Since food doesn't grow overnight in one place wouldn't it make just as much sense that humans had to move around in primitive times when the fruit tree emptied to find the next? And the same goes for other plants that when found would be consumed to depletion, perhaps they had to move. I would challenge that most of human history was nomadic. But we know for certain as back as 8000 years that there were civilizations who established towns villages and cities, It probably goes back for a loooong time before that.

Can you give me one example of any large successful civilization that depended on meat or dairy as its primary energy source? I don't think you could find it. What about all of the potato famines that struck civilizations?

Tell me! WHY is everyone in the USA sick and dieing and eating so many animal products and vehemently deny that starch or vegetables are good for you? And then these people pushing fad diets make millions telling you its because your eating starch and fruit? You are all serious victims of propoganda and it makes me sad.