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Comment: Oh yes...

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Oh yes...

the people with little faith are all being exposed. Let the Ron Paul bashing begin.

But here is some information for the "libertarians" who still believe in property right.

The domain names of RON and Ron are actually the intellectual property of Dr. Paul.

He is the former congressmen from Texas, he has written countless books and articles and was former three times presidential candidate.

The domain names started on or about 2007; it was during the same time when Dr. Paul announced his candidacy. Both domains were started without the acknowledgment of the 3rd party consent.

Unless the owner can prove his name is "Ron Paul" or provide evidence the domain name was created for some other Ron Paul his got nothing.

What nerve of trying to sell Dr. Paul's intellectual property back to him for 250k? I'd say this guy thinks Dr. Paul was born yesterday.

Its like someone purchasing the domain name without the acknowledgment or consent of Sears corporation. Sears would win hands down.

And for all the saboteurs and misinformed, Dr. Paul doesn't believe in being in U.N. but he never said, U.N. shouldn't exist. The free market principles doesn't stop at the door steps of the United States.

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.