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And here is colin's reply

And here is colin's reply where he basically debunks her debunking

First of all Denise Minger is not a doctor. She is a raw foodist who gets the bulk of all of her calories from fruits and vegetables. Which is the ideal diet. And while she was purely a raw foodist she encountered several common problems while on that diet which there are various explanations to by other experts in the field I won't go to it. And she uses those experiences to scare people from becoming totally vegan. Thats fine I'm not against eating animal products. I am against the lie that they are the main staple of the human diet which is CRAZY.

I Read plenty of that and she seems to debunk it the same way that popular mechanics would debunk a 9/11 documentary.

She debunks claims that have empirical evidence as details in Colin's book using small paragraphs and making up data that is convenient to believe.

If they both have such strong evidence to support their claims then who is right? I'll go with the Doctor

The vegetarian myth saved my life. thanks