Comment: I'm now up in the air about whether or not this is true..

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I'm now up in the air about whether or not this is true..

I think your point about the way Rosen wears his watch and TX connections are interesting. The person in the FEMA pic really looks like Rosen and it's spooky that there are children there.

However, the metadata for the photo does not have Gene Rosen's name at 1:35. It seems someone added: 'Gene Rosen a representative of FEMA' to the description by changing the title in the metadata of the photo. You can see it originally says: 'FEMA representatives participate' with the plural verb 'participate.' When someone added Gene Rosen's name it still had the plural verb 'participate' instead of singular verb 'participates'.

As El Buggo stated below the ears look different in the two pictures. Here is counterpoint I just came across:

This could very possibly be something to divert and confuse people. It's inconclusive for me however that Rosen was the person in the FEMA pic. Bottomline is that these kinds of details should not take away from the bigger picture that military intelligence both online and offline are ACTIVELY perpetuating the hoax.

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