Comment: Exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax, one piece at a time.

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Exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax, one piece at a time.

If this is true, this FEMA Administrator should be a prisoner in one of his own FEMA Camps.

William Craig Fugate
"Under Fugate's leadership, emergency management has been promoted as a community and shared responsibility. FEMA has fostered resiliency, a community-oriented approach to emergency management to build sustainable and resilient communities. FEMA has instituted a permanent catastrophic planning effort to build the nation’s capacity to stabilize a catastrophic event within 72 hours. FEMA is implementing a National Preparedness System (PPD-8) to build unity of effort to address the nation's most significant risks. FEMA is supporting state and local governments with efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate change through "adaptation," which is planning for the changes that are occurring and expected to occur. The private sector has been integrated into federal emergency response, with a permanent private sector liaison at the agency, representation within FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center, and the creation of the National Business Emergency Operations Center."