Comment: Hmm Fawn Scamitty

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Hmm Fawn Scamitty

1st, the speech was mediocre. There was nothing impressive in it at all.

Second: Yes Mr. Scammitty, I am sure that you are deeply moved and impressed. Moved very deeply huuu? Yes, deep between your legs hu Fawn? Little glimmer in your eye when you said that I see...

Been on any flights with Senators to the dominican republic there Scamitty?

You kinda like that his mom was 13 when married don't you?

Certainly that is not odd in 1949-1950, that a Baptist Minister would marry a 13 yr old, sweet, young, untouched girl huu Mr. Fawn Scamitty.

You would vote for him in an instant? How About Dr. Alan Keyes there Fawn? Did you support him or even talk positive about him when he ran? He puts this effeminant fence sitter to shame!

Both you and that Shill O, so high and moralistically mighty, I bet there is more to your hidden secrets than can be imagined.