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Comment: "I say give the guy a chance and let's see."

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"I say give the guy a chance and let's see."

Give the guy a chance? You've already ran down to your precinct to vote for the fucker. The guy just came on the scene and you're calling fore him to run for president..

Fuck NO I don't want changes like that.. if that's your idea of making a difference, count me the fuck out, shill.

Do morons like you even stop for a nanosecond and think about the so called logic you function under? You may be able to write up a plea for your, most likely, establishment dummy, but you don't have the sense a gnat was given OR this is yet another ploy to garner the Liberty vote..

Throw the repubes answer to Obama on TV, get him to say a few good words, get Hannity to pose the president question, he plays shy about it and defers to God.. then the establishment hacks run in and try to work the crowds into a froth over him. Let's see what grows legs and run with it.

People LIKE YOU throw up red flags.

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