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Take a look at the complaint

He has it posted on

I think what the person above is trying to say is that the answer to a lot of these questions is in there. It is only about 15 pages and doesn't take long to read, for folks who know English. I have read it and I can tell you this is so.

This thing is close to hitting the MSM sites, it already looks bad for both parties, but it will be worse if they come to a site like this and see what's going on. Putting the UN stuff in the titles was irresponsible; he's gonna lose this domain anyway, and Ron Paul's people certainly could have gone about it a better way.

Ron Paul is not suing his supporters, he has a dispute with the domain registrant based on the claim that "Ron Paul" is his trademark, and he is appealing to the appropriate venue. Their reasoning behind this is spelled out in the complaint.