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Comment: That isn't what Ron Paul supposedly stands for

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That isn't what Ron Paul supposedly stands for

If the the people over at are misrepresenting themselves as speaking for Ron Paul, or disparaging Ron Paul, then there are laws to protect against that: fraud, libel, and slander. Ron Paul isn't trying to protect his good name. He is trying to take a fan site without just compensation. That goes against any libertarian principle and is hypocritical. The people operating appear to be slimey, but that doesn't give Ron Paul the right to take something that he did not pay for.

Ron Paul is apparently for the free market until big government inetervention can be used to benefit Ron Paul. I'm disappointed. He could have created his own site and competed for traffic. His supporters are smart enough to find his site, even if it is not named Instead, he is choosing to take something from someone else and shut down what they created through force of government.

Even Sean Hannity is above this type of behavior. Take a visit to and see what you find. That website has been that way for years, and I assume Sean Hannity's people are aware of it.