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No thanks

Ipads are expensive for what you get, I would never use the touch screen feature, I prefer a desktop to a laptop, I prefer Windows to OS X (yes, even the new ones), and I prefer to support Microsoft over Apple - they have more ethical business practices.

I also don't own a Dell as it's not a reliable product. I realize a lot of people are buying Apple. A friend of mine has the new iphone. It lacks customization. He doesn't mind that because he's a fanboy, but for me it's make or break. I can make my droid have the same interface as the iphone if I want, but I can also make it way better and more customized (so I of course did.)

The real problem with the Microsoft vs Apple debate though is that it's not really a Microsoft vs Apple debate. It's an everything vs Apple debate. Apple is a whole product, Windows is just an OS. I personally do not think the Apple OS is superior to Windows (definitely not to Linux) and it's certainly not a reason to purchase expensive Apple hardware just to get the OS.

The only apple product I've ever owned (was a gift, though a good one) was an iPod Nano. Though, to be honest my droid phone also plays music (albeit with less storage, but with pandora/internet) makes calls, surfs the internet, and more, and cost the same as the Nano did... Apple is too expensive. Seems to me they spend a lot on their 'classy design.' Everything they make is very sleek, I'll give them that. I just don't care about sleekness on a computing product.

Also... dinky little app store games is not what I was talking about. lol