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Yes, I can show you a society that ate meat only ...

... but I will only post this, and probably will not engage you in debate, because I think you are looking at this as a religious zealot would, and you do not seem to be interested in questioning your own premises.

I've read a lot of the vegan books, too. Even tried eating that way for awhile. But the vegans LIE about things by omitting important information. Many, like you, probably don't know about some of the vegan lies. But others, who study and write books, either do know or should know.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was an Arctic explorer and researcher. He met and lived with the Inuit (Eskimos). He discovered that they ate a 100% meat diet (there is no vegetation in their part of the world). They did not suffer the health problems of Westerners. Weston Price also studied them, and especially their dentistry. Perfect teeth. Healthy people. 100% meat diet. That is, until they started adopting the Western diet, at which time they started having the same problems.

Archeologists know that there has NEVER been any hints at plant foods in early humans' diet. Plant eating came much later in human history. Agriculture was discovered and developed about 10,000 - 15,000 years ago, which is a drop in the bucket in terms of time that humans have lived and their bodies developed.

The OP here has posted a "study" that CANNOT prove causation because NO epidemiological study can. Humans were nomads because they were FOLLOWING THE HERDS, not the plants.

Wake up. At least, be willing to look at another view. I once thought some of the things you do, but then I learned there is more to the story.

Ever seen a glycemic index? You're probably familiar with the idea of eating low glycemic foods. But notice that you will NOT see any meats listed because they all have ZERO rating on that index. Why not include them on the index? Because vegans lie through omission.

Look up bio-availability of foods. You will find that the nutrients in beef are HIGHLY available to the human body (our bodies absorb the nutrients in beef very easily), and yet ALL plant food have very LOW availability (our bodies do NOT absorb much of the nutrients in plant foods).

You would have to eat 10 cups of spinach for your body to absorb (i.e. utilize) the same amount of iron as you would get from eating 3 ounces of beef.

Why do we always see charts with the percentage or micrograms of a nutrient in different foods, but never the bio-availability of it? Those charts are done by nitrogen testing. They have NOTHING to do with how much of that nutrient actually gets utilized by the human body. Why do they show the charts like that? Because vegans lie through omission.

Think about it.

Check out arguments from the other side. Good luck in your quest for knowledge. Just don't treat any position like its a religion. It isn't.