Comment: Marijuana, "Puff" and Children-random thoughts...

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Marijuana, "Puff" and Children-random thoughts...

Even if it was about smoking marijuana, it is certainly a harmless and innocuous children's song and story, even compared with most of the Comic book and TV fare in the late '50s, much less today!

Dicussing this today, the consumption of either marijuana or hashish, while not recommended for children, is almost harmless compared to the unbelievably potent and dangerous "antipsychotic" pharmatoxins that schoolchildren today are often prescribed!

"Puff, the Magic Dragon" also is a lovable and innocuous fantasy for children, far less vicious than their videogames (war)fare, most of it prefiguring-and desensitizing- young people to the anonymous mass killings we are now seeing with robotic drone aircraft!

In short, reservations about marijuana (and most other recreational "drugs") notwithstanding, the song controversy here is quite beside the point! It may even be parents (and media, schools, and doctors) then and now, are choosing worse alternatives!


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