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Comment: "Are elitists willing to share their elite ideas with mudblood

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"Are elitists willing to share their elite ideas with mudblood

neocon establishment conformist sellouts like me?"

Only if you agree to put away your foolish establishment propagandizing ways. Liberty is for all but only those that understand what it is will actually add to it. You're not here to learn anything nor promote Liberty. You're here to water it down so all views can fit under the Liberty umbrella.. Well, I've got news for YOU.. Liberty isn't subjective.. you either understand it or you don't. The Founding Fathers intent gives us the way forward...

"I've got news for you, we're in this thing together"

Only as I the Patriot and you the Loyalist could be in something together, as history tells us.

"WE are the resistance"

You are a resistor for sure but it's not for the fight of Liberty that your resistance betters.

I'm not an elitist.. All who take up the REAL cause of Liberty are welcome.. All those who come to the table hungry to learn are welcome. Those that wish to dilute the message and turn it into a subjective conversation can kiss my ass.

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