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Comment: I haven't done the research

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I haven't done the research

I haven't done the research on this issue and I'm just reacting to the content here but lets be clear that if Ron Paul did not jump on registering this domain ahead of time then it should be his fault for lacking the knowledge and foresight that the domain name would be useful to him in the future and thus investing it in early on. Regardless of the intent of those behind, they went through the proper steps to register this domain and develop a site with actual content. One could argue that Dr. Paul may be playing within the law, but even he would argue is that the Morality of the People comes before law and should shape law and not the other way around. So from my perspective, if Dr. Paul is trying to seize ownership of by using law based on questionable morality, then I think he is wrong for doing it and recognize that nobody is perfect and hope that he comes to realize that this act is likely lacking the moral character he has come to enshrine.