Comment: Ha Ha.. This one man has done more to expose "law enforcement"..

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Ha Ha.. This one man has done more to expose "law enforcement"..

Ha Ha.. This one man has done more to expose "law enforcement" and show how vulnerable, corrupt and incompetent large police departments are than anyone else in recent history.

He has only fired a handful of shots and yet the entire states of California and Nevada plus all federal agencies and officials west of the Rockies are ducking and taking cover.. digging into their cowardly fox holes to keep from being his next victim.

Every Patriot needs to pay attention now... If one man can strike this much fear into police agencies at all levels then can you imagine if there was more than one shooter? Even a handful of autonomous individuals carrying out uncoordinated (but similar) attacks?

What if others started doing hit and run copycat attacks right about now, before he is caught? Cops would start turning in their badges I tell you. Just like Mexico, the cops quit when they get scared.

Our government would declare a state of marshall law within hours if another two or three similar attacks were carried out by others.

We would have Cops shooting civilians before asking to see identification... it has already happened (with the lady newspaper carriers shot down for throwing papers) and this situation is about to explode if anyone else joins into the fray.

I certainly would not want to put on the uniform of the gangbang'n LAPD right now.

If I was LAPD I would fall down like Hillary Clinton and get a doctor to diagnose me with a blood clot so I could skip out on doing my patrols.