Comment: Think about the purpose of milk

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Think about the purpose of milk

It is intended for baby calves, when they are growing. It is a high growth food. Those little babies need it to grow. It is not intended for consumption beyond youth, and it is certainly not intended for consumption by adults of a different species. Milk is really kind of gross when you think about what you're actually drinking.

Milk is for high growth. What kind of organisms is high growth? Cancer.

As for meat: It is a dead food. Think of how those animals are slaughtered - all the fear and pain at the moment of death. And then you're going to put that into your body?

The old adage goes, you are what you eat. It is much better to eat living foods.

I certainly feel the difference in myself and my body. Most people's senses are too dead to feel it. But I feel sluggish and tired when I eat mean, vs. energized and invigorated when I drink a fresh pressed glass of organic juice. There is nothing like that feeling in the world.

That being said, I still eat meat. I stopped drinking milk in bulk aeons ago, though I still have a splash of cream in my coffee.