Comment: we live the reality in co

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we live the reality in co

first off, take the $300 an oz number and flush it, it's not realistic in the co market. i've only seen a few disp "trying" to selling oz's for $300 out of hundreds. a more realistic number is $200 an oz. for some reason a few years ago people stopped getting discounts on multi pounds. 1 pound pretty much cost the same as 4 or 5. you do get graduated discounts on amounts under a pound in the disp and grey market.

"How much would it sell for in Missouri?
What about Montana?
Texas? Minnesota? Iowa? Wisconsin?"
you should not pay more than $300-$350 an oz. $325 being the average.

if you know people paying $400-450 an oz call me! i'll go to the disp and pay $200 or less and then......all day long my friend. ;)

"Is ANY BODY CATCHINg ON YET? Yea Yea Yea its the free market price you are seeing Colorado, But perhaps there Just Might be OTHER MARKET FORCES you are for some REASON COMPLETELY BLIND TO?"
i guess i missed your point. i think what you're saying is that if texas or other states legalize then the price would come down in co because of more production and co would not be able to export to other states for as much as they do now. i don't think that would happen because the disp are not that profitable anyways right now. the market is flooded and we are seeing the lowest price the disp can sell for is around $125-$150 an oz and pay the bills. any lower and they can't afford to stay in business. many are struggling now. the prices in tx have gone down dramatically to around $3000 a pound from a high of $5000 not many years ago. most of that is because of co and other mmj states sending it there.
co and cali are two of the biggest mj export states in the country right now. also Washington state used to move a ton of bc bud from Canada in the 1990's but not so much now.

"They can sell it in CO for 300 or run back home and sell it for 400...if its real good 450."
no they can't sell it for $300 in co when tons of disp sell for $150-$200. if you can get $400-450 an oz back home in any of the states you me, i take bitcoins. maybe in ny and a few other states.

his numbers are off for many reasons including the fact that there will not be a true free market for mj for a long long time. what i mean is if tx legalizes they will have all kinds of crazy taxes and regs preventing a true free market price. also i can destroy his numbers just by comparing 50,000 square foot of retail space in new york vs co or somewhere super cheap in the midwest. the 90% labor cost goes poof in a place like ny. his numbers must assume total legalization where you can sale products freely between the states like alcohol. that's probably not gonna happen in his lifetime. i don't see that happening for at least 20-30 years. by that time we will have our own personal robot grow it for pennies on the pound. by that time there will be no pennies or nickels etc thanks to fed inflation.

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