Comment: Gotta love the Google Cache..

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Gotta love the Google Cache..

Here is the link to a previous thread that somehow is no longer on the DP related to this subject:

I am posting that link because I believe the comments made on that thread carry some value to this discussion.

Here is my comment about this topic that was posted on that deleted thread:

"The folks are "selling" (.com) Ron Paul..

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But is it really Ron Paul? Nope. (.com is a top level domain for commerce)

Are they committing fraud by trying to "sell" a product that they do not have to deliver by using the Ron Paul Mark? Maybe..

I have not read the complaint in full yet but it looks like he is not far off base from the principles he has delivered over and over again.

Let's not forget that the "folks" making the complaint (if it is indeed factual) are possibly (lawyers?) from this company who may have not fully consulted with their supposed client (Ron Paul).

Sit back and relax folks, lets wait to hear what Ron Paul has to say about this, if he wants to say anything about it at all.

We could only hope to be as principled as Ron Paul is and I see no one here who has any moral standing (including myself of course) to judge our guy. Now go ahead and throw the first stone if you dare.


Why was that thread deleted? (Just curious..)

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