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How does air work?

"The first step is to identify how one things works.

Air is one thing."

I am not smiling. I told you how I think air works and you think I am playing games. And now I feel bad because you say "I'm so, so, so, past impatience."

I cannot understand all of your words about China. I do not know why you are calling socialism strangulation. And I feel bad, but I was not trying to make you feel bad. You asked me what one man owns the air. The answer Jesus Christ is not a false answer or a word game. It is the truth, and you can strangle me till I have no air and I will not change my answer. I do not know of any man anywhere who owns all the air except for Jesus.

"The step by step process I follow, over and over, and oer, again, and again, testing my perceptions, is routine for me, but so is the resistance I receive each time I try to walk anyone through the steps, resistance is routine."

Are you following some type of process with me? If you are I do not know it. Am I showing resistance about air? As far as I can tell air is a God-given gift and we are dependent upon it. We are also dependent upon water and upon food. Breathing is an involuntary action. However, eating and drinking require effort. If I cannot do those things myself I will need help or I will die.

You did not like Griffin's words about right to control = ownership. Somehow that has something to do with who controls the air? If someone controls air in a tank they own it. But the problem was the word "right." Do I have a right to own the air in my lungs? Do I own the air in my lungs? I am controlling it? I am not controlling all the air. Only the air in my lungs. We all control air? We all own air? We all have the right to own air? No one owns air? What is air? If it doesn't contain oxygen, then I don't want to inhale it.

Are you asking me a trick question? Is there an answer to the question?

Is someone making air scarce? I do not understand. I am a grasshopper.