Comment: Give RONPAUL.COM Back to RON PAUL

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If it weren't for Ron Paul's name and his work the owners of the domains wouldn't have it PERIOD. Yes, they kept the domains to make sure the enemies wouldn't control it and they did a GREAT job in doing so... but now it's time to let this courageous and brave man CONTINUE his mission in educating the younger generations and America on the Liberty Movement in his OWN way. We mustn't forget what Ron Paul's message is and what he stands for.

Can't the domain owners of RONPAUL.COM and transfer ALL their links from to and give BACK to Ron Paul? As an IT person that's not a hard task to do.

In my opinion they should give back to Ron Paul with NOTHING in return In Support of the LIBERTY & R3VOLution Movement.. as without Ron Paul neither domains would have the notoriety it has now.

To be honest I would much rather follow RON PAUL himself than some grassroots supporters as I'm very interested in Ron Paul's NEXT steps for the Liberty Movement now that's he's officially out of DC.

Give RONPAUL.COM back to Ron Paul.