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Comment: "I'm using your words to prove your elitism to you"

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"I'm using your words to prove your elitism to you"

You're doing a piss poor job of it and failing miserably as you will always. You can't prove what isn't true.

"Ron Paul is apart of the entangling alliance you claim is evil called the GOP."

Not that what you've said is true but wouldn't that make you a hypocrite since you promote Rand?

By the way.. it's not about the man at the core, it's about the message and I think you realize that because you've went on the attack of someone that doesn't matter in the discussion to deflect the attention from the real issue.

So Rand is not only in the GOP but is also for entangling allegiances which is in direct opposition to the Founding Fathers intent.

Just curious though.. Because one cop is bad or multiple cops are bad does that make the whole Police force bad?

I say no, there are good cops just as someone like Dr.Paul could be the lone voice of good amidst a sea of nastiness.

See, you know Rand is wrong and you're in hurry to get those thoughts out of your noggin. :)

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