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Great thread!

"QE": (newspeak) as in quantitative easing. The mere act of printing money made to sound complex and technical so it is not questioned by the populace.

"Exceptionalism": (newspeak) as in "American exceptionlism" or "America is the 'exceptional' nation'. Justification for foreign military intervention, occupation, drone assasinatio, and other forms of destroying foreigner's lives and property based on America's perceived divine right to rule the world. See also: "The White Man's Burden" and "Manifest Destiny".

"America's Interests": (newspeak) as in we bombed Pakistan n order to protect 'America's interests'. A justification for foreign interventionism on the grounds that 'national defense' includes 'defense' of the farthest reaches of the empire.

Debt Ceiling: (doublethink) intended to make the listener think it is cap on borrowing, when it actuality, it is the opposite... a 'deadline' designed to create a hysteria among the populace that enables congress to borrow even more.