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Starting over?

“Ownership means the right to control something.”

I got past my contention on "right", conceding ignorance on my part, since my knowledge of what God/Jesus gives or does not give to anyone or everyone is only superficial at best - in my case - therefore I can certainly call upon a higher authority than me (the ignorant one by accurate measure not just subjective opinion) on that subject.

So granting "rights" as meaning: God given rights, then the word "rights" fits into the sentence.

“Ownership means the right to control something.”

I picked a thing to be owned. I wanted to walk through every conceivable example of ownership of this one thing, to get an idea as to what ownership means, since control works for me, and ownership is as difficult for me to understand as rights.

So I give up on my quest to know better about rights, and I go ahead and submit to a higher authority on rights, but as to ownership I'm being relentless, at least more so than my completely caving in on rights.

If the thing I picked to demonstrate/accurately measure/inspect/judge/know/understand/relate/work/plan/conceive/etc. the concept of ownership/rights/control then pick one and we can work on what you pick and we don't work on the thing I pick.

“Ownership means the right to control something.”

Some - THING

I picked air (meaning oxygen certainly).

You pick some - Thing.


Oh, and I'm not buying the me being the teacher thing since I know what it is like not having a teacher like you, so student/teacher to me is the same thing as teacher/student.