Comment: Top to bottom, this whole story is a mess, but proves something!

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Top to bottom, this whole story is a mess, but proves something!

First off, it should prove to those that cops and anyone else isn't anymore trustworthy that average citizens. Dorner and others are just as likely to snap and go after people as anyone else.

Second, these buffoons who shot up this truck prove that we should have the right to protect ourselves. But the idea that we shoot and kill first and clean up later is going to have not just international, but national and local ramifications.

Third, imagine the world that we are coming to...and if you stop for just a second, this is not some far-fetched Orwellian scheme. We have the technology and proof of what drones can do. We know that everything sold is starting to be laced with chips...seems the next logical step is take that chip info and link it to the drones and WALLA...nice "Clean" strike.

Of course, I can already hear most out there (Dem and Rep)..."Oh, but if you don't do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear." Really? What if the ONLY gun deal that gets done is something along the lines of more background ban at this time on "assault weapons." save up and buy one soon with the background check. There now is record of you buying it...then down the road, they pass the ban and forbid you even owning it. You refuse to give up the gun but have done nothing don't think you are already viewed as armed and dangerous? BAM! Drone killed!