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No offense intended, but the

No offense intended, but the whole point on regarding the U.N. / ICANN as undesirable governing bodies does not hold water.

When you or I purchase a domain name we have to explicitly acknowledge and submit ourselves to their authority and that ALSO encompasses following their rules in case of disputes.

Don't like it? Then DO NOT purchase a domain name or make sure that NOBODY can ever make a claim against it.

If Ron Paul is in his rights per their rules and arbitration in regard to his claims, he will win, otherwise he will lose.

He may very well lose, btw.

But I find unjust to use this dialectic trick regarding a so called hypocrisy of Ron Paul.

Change or remove the ICANN if we don't like these disputes. Until then, abide and be responsible.

Last remark: I don't think many of us know how the negotiations went, if any. And that's a topic where we'd need to hear from BOTH camps, beyond just the complaint or that blog post.

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