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Here is SCOTUS link

No attorney general filed the case. It is appeal from a case where other presidential candidates sued.

The interesting thing is that Kennedy denied cert, but then Roberts gave cert. Roberts of all people???

After the healthcare debacle, I would expect Roberts to hide from something like this unless he has regrets of what he did.

Anyway ... schedule for conference on 2/15, which will be held to decide *IF* they will put it on the calendar to be heard during the upcoming SCOTUS session.

Takes four justices to put it on the calendar.

The bombshell here is the allegation that OTHER cases made their way to the SCOTUS docket without at least some justices knowing they were there.

Another allegation she makes is that one case was supposedly denied cert by Thomas, but there is no record of Thomas even getting the application for cert.

It is court clerks behind the scenes at SCOTUS who are running interference for Barry by throwing out cases and deleting them from docket. That's the allegation here.