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Comment: No he's not entangled in anything

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No he's not entangled in anything

Working inside the GOP doesn't effect policy.. Policy is the REAL issue.

"Rand Paul isn't perfect but he's by far the best chance yet to put a Libertarian in the White House. Even if the Libertarian in question is a little more conservative than you would like."

Sounds a lot like a compromise to me buddy.. See he's not for people like you because he represents what you want..

He DOES NOT for me and I will NOT be compromising by taking less.. I won't have to. I am not Big L Libertarian but I won't have a problem voting for someone that's in the LP as long as I can trust his message and that he or she will see it through.

Justin Amash, Judge Nap, Tom Woods and a whole host of others are available to run.. I don;t need Rand nor want him as my president. He does NOT carry the message of Liberty near close enough for me to vote for him.

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