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Air is good

We have been talking about air today. Please don’t make me pick another THING because I don’t know what to pick. Air is kind of an odd thing because it is not generally owned as far as I can tell. However, if a plane registered to another country flies into the air space above the United States, then someone in our country might not appreciate it and may shoot them out of the sky or make them land. However, the air over the United States is not the same as the air space because the space does not change, while the air is in constant flow. So, Japan sent out some radio-active air. Did that country (as if a country can do something, but can you give me that space) have the right to pollute the air that would travel over multiple countries and into our country and perhaps make us sick? Did they control the air? Was the air above their country controlled? Can someone in that country, Japan, even capture all the air they polluted to try to control it and clean it. Can Japan even control the radiation? Did the radiation belong to them? Does it no longer belong to them once they lost control of it? Are the people living in that land who benefited from the nuclear power plant responsible? Did someone make a profit off of the nuclear power plant? Is that person/people responsible for the air? Does ownership which implies control also imply responsibility? What about the fact that an “Act of Nature” is what damaged the nuclear plant so, while they were being responsible, they lost control because of an earthquake and a wall of water. Do they still bear responsibility? An insurance policy might have an “act of nature” clause whereby the insurance is no longer any good leaving the owner with full responsibility for damage. The owner. Is that what we are talking about: Ownership?

"So I give up on my quest to know better about rights, and I go ahead and submit to a higher authority on rights, but as to ownership I'm being relentless, at least more so than my completely caving in on rights."

Josf, you don't have to cave in on things. It is OK to explore and change opinions or hold fast to the original. I don't mean to badger, I am only giving you things from my perspective. And you know I get sassy at times. I was afraid that I had lost my teacher.

If you want to pick another thing besides air I am good with that too. There are many things of all sorts. Living things, created things, man-made things. We can explore all the facets of a thing being owned. I am good with it. And as we turn the object new discoveries may appear! I will need help though.