Comment: I posted this a few days ago and it got ZERO attention...

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I posted this a few days ago and it got ZERO attention...

even from those who are usually interested in "weird stuff".

Occultists take the book of REVELATION literally regarding TWO timelines and TWO earths, hereto referred as "Earth A" and "Earth B":

"On the catastrophic earth B, where all the Obamas and the Abominables will stay, the current dark elite will continue killing each others, as they will go even deeper into their illusion of separation from the source and will have to learn slowly in the next 26.000 years what true morality, love, compassion, and ethics mean before they can be purified as souls and attempt their next ascension to higher dimensions. After this principal statement on my part, back to the ongoing crimes of Obama."

Those on "Earth A" will experience this:

"Nobody will be killed on the new earth A in the 5th dimension we now create, as all human beings are immortal and will also have immortal crystalline bodies there.

There may be still some crimes and killings on the balanced earth A/B in the interim period of adjustment to the new 4d-conditions of life, but very soon this kind of capital crimes will also disappear from the annals of this planet for ever."

According to this article, this will come into fruition sometime in March. Otherwise, I see no alternative to either a) enslavement and annihilation for us or b) spattering the brains of tyrants and banksters against the walls of their abodes.

Not a pretty picture, is it?