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You see, instead of fretting, "Oh no, SOMEONE is coming for MY speach, MY guns, MY freedom."

I think with as much reason as I have, "Hmmmm.. looks like the ptb are gutting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Is there SOMETHING I can do to protect the constitution and bill of rights?"

Let me see.. there's this Ron Paul fella talking about RESTORING THE REPUBLIC, and he's taking about restoring constitutional government and rights, that has lost it's way.. Can I help him? He wants me to be a delegate? How do I do that? Join the GOP? Oh gawd, not the GOP. But if he's standing up and I stand with him, become a delegate, means I need to get on a committee.. OK.. collect signatures to be on the ballot.. ok.. so I get elected. Then what? Go to meetings.. and VOTE to restore the republic"

I am ACTIVELY putting GOOD energy to work. And by putting GOOD energy to work, preparing to fight with the pen and vote.. it is this positive energy, even when bad things do happen, I do not lose hope or become apathetic, feel alone and helpless to TPTB.

So answer me this ecorob: "SOMEONE is coming for you speach, your guns, your freedom. What are you doing? Hiding? Complaining? Being a chicken Little and screaming THE CONSTITUION IS FALLING?

Is it going to restore the republic and return the rights you lost?