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Join the gop and support romnie, right?

Your blind trust is getting you beaten.

Is SOMEONE coming as you just said?

Or do you NOT worry as you previously said just up the page. Which is it, granger?

You are a contradiction of philosophies and attacking me is not the answer.

I do my part. I LIVE it every day.

You are running in circles not knowing which way to hold your nose.

Do you think you are the ONLY liberty fighter out here?

Also, while we're at it. You are an idealist! Now, idealism is not ALL bad but you have to be a realist, too! You say a tornado just hit and there is one house out of 100 still standing. Believe that is YOUR house you say...well, I guess if 100 of those families believe that then 1 of them will be right. What of the other 99? They had a false belief, didn't they?

Again, you supported romnie!!!??? That BLIND trust will get you "beaten" every time. How much time and effort did you waste on him? WE TOLD you he was a losing cause but you JUST HAD to support the gop, right...with romnie at the helm! You WASTED a LOT of time and tried to get others to waste theirs, as well.

How did that work out for you?

And the CONSTITUTION is FALLING, GD it! You are DAMN RIGHT it will RESTORE our rights! Unless asswipes like you succeed in encouraging people to disregard it!

And you support rand, too. Is it because he went to is-hate-real and donned the little hat?

Are you a dual-citizenship person?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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