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It works for MY experience

Surely you have your own.. wanna own up to what that is?

No one is coming that I know of.

What me worry?

Who is attacking who ecorob? You don't like my philosophy of not buying into doom and gloom? I have no idea what's yours, seems you can't spell it out. Not an attack, just an observation.

Since there are three Ron Paul RepubliCANS and soon to be a fouth sworn onto MY committee.. I'm far from alone in working to restore the republic, and I am happy to report, these guys ROCK.. very hard and dedicated liberty lovers. I LOVE them. Give them all the credit.

During Katrina, my brother and his family left. The kids were watching TV and called him, "Dad! Dad! He saw their neighbors being rescued off his house. It was left standing. Months later when FEMA let him return to his house, when they went upstairs, there was a note addressed to him. It was from the neighbors who said they were sorry that they had broken into his house, eaten food, used bedding, and would pay him back. It was a real tear jerker, and of course my brother never dreamed of asking they pay him back, but was happy his house was standing so they could be rescued.

I didn't support Romney. I worked very hard for Ron Paul to win the nomination.. out of 55 counties, mine came in #5. I was team leader for Nor CAL and we came in #1 for primary votes for Ron Paul. No one on my committee voted for Romney in the primary election. None of us wanted Romney. The Sec of State had Romney named the GOP nominee in July. I kept the loyalty oath I took because it was more important to me to remain on the committee than worry about Romney.

I don't know where you get this "blind trust" idea. I see it for what it is, and know in politics the tables always turn.. so it wasn't my turn, but it will be.

ecorob, by changing the subject, you are not making your case to live in fear that someone is coming for your speach, guns and freedom, nor are you explaining what you are doing about it.

I'm not here to insult you.. either you are part of the solution or part of the problem.. what's your solution?