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Comment: Homesteading Principle

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Homesteading Principle

The fact that Ron Paul's people are appealing to the established authority for arbitration is a non-issue here. Unless you refuse to use currency, don't drive on public roads, don't pull over for police, don't pay taxes, etc., you don't have a leg to stand on if you are going to say that RP should not be appealing to the recognized governing body of a particular area.

However, the reason that he is appealing to this body is where the inconsistency lies IMO. I believe the Libertarian homesteading principle applies here. The current owner of took a piece of previously unowned/unwanted property and mixed his labor with it. This is textbook homesteading principle.

Let's say that you sailed to a deserted island and started a sort of colony. You build houses, a port, begin trading with nearby islands, and generally develop the land. In honor of one of your favorite icons, you name the place "RonPaulsville". Does that name give him some sort of arbitrary claim over your island? Or what if the name of your street was Ron Paul Blvd? Is the important factor here the labor/improvement or the name of the location?