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Apple is a private company - it's up for ridicule but you can't dictate its private choices - it's not government so if they want to censor something on their own App Store - they can.

With the majority of Apple 'censor' cases - because Apple is an easy, popular target for the developers who want attention- The developers in turn fail to meet the guidelines set by Apple when developing software for Apple's devices. The App Store service that is provided and hosted by Apple and they request that developers follow the guidelines if they wish to be hosted on there. Apple has the right of refusal. Some developers even ignore the guidelines on purpose in order to kick up a fuss.

On a technical note Apple hasn't censored anyone from developing a HTML 5 website app or a web page which doesn't require the App Store and can be viewed on those devices - uncensored.

Feel free to use another phone brand. But please be aware that sometimes it's a cry for attention and in this case not a bad thing.