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Comment: The rush

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The rush

is because of the debt based currency is mathematically guaranteed to fail and the infamous "they" have known this the whole time. The plan was to usher in the new worldwide carbon tax to provide the basis for forced valuation and this plan failed at copenhagen. They are behind schedule on the world currency front and this must come in line with the rest of the multidimensional geopoltiical plan because otherwise the US currency will fail before the pieces are in place and this could cause a massive shake out of other countries holding dollar reserves..

Of course the current course is simply plan B and that plan involves a hostile takeover of the law enforcement and military apparatus of the US, disarmament of the People, removal of dissidents and possible threats to their agenda and ultimately a controlled collapse of the dollar. These pieces must be put into place before the complete takeover through a great inflationary depression with introduction of the alternative currency made by and for the global dominating money madmen. All of these things on are the schedule for their activities and we have now become a major obstacle to their plan. The future is now up for grabs and we can come out on top if we can build a stronger, more intelligent and clear path forward than all of their intellectually bankrupt fantasies of their own utopia built on the backs of human debt slaves.

IMHO we should be encouraging people to make the break from the psychopaths completely by demonstrating through the Law itself that they are simply madmen throwing the world into chaos and demonstrating beyond all reasonable doubt that these madmen have intentionally built and are committing criminal fraud upon the entire world through their private debt based currency scheme. The currency decline which can be measured by the debt is the ticking time bomb and they know this. The debt can never be paid because of principle + interest is owed when only the principle ever went into circulation. This debt clock is running out and if they can't heard the masses in time then there final solution will simply be BOOM! Physically and financially blow up everything and simply be positioned to swoop in and rewrite a new history to teach the masses.

Time is running out. Are we going to do what is necessary or not? The only way we can win is if we build a stronger and more intelligent governing body than they are. We still have a long way to go but I think we can do it. Hell, we the awakened masses are the only real threat to the criminals and they know it. Military and intelligence people we really need you on our side. We are the good guys and with your help we can be far stronger and more prosperous than they could ever allow us to be.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...