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I don't have "health care"

I haven't had any form of healthcare in a good 28 years. And I never used it when I had it before then. I am married and raised my children without "healthcare" and we are all healthy. I can't remember all the things that we have taken care of at home from sickness to accidents involving high temperatures, bloody heads and things in between that most people would have run to their doctor for, yet we took care of them ourselves.

You seem to believe that good health comes from medication or that you cannot heal unless you see a doctor. Do you think you are going to die every time you get sick. The fact is that practically any illness you face in your life can heal without a doctors intervention. You are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself with diet and natural or homeopathic remedies and cleanliness.

Fear of death will keep you a slave for the rest of your life if you let it. Unfortunately that fear has enslave our whole society.