Comment: Oops, typo, should read kidney damage not liver.

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Oops, typo, should read kidney damage not liver.

I know of two cases where high protein low fat low carb diets caused kidney damage. Don't go there.

Here's, what I would do to start. For $120, get the Alex Pack and for a month saturate you body with all 90 essential nutrients plus Sweeteeze

If you still have any stubborn symptoms you'll be nutritionally sufficient and ready to begin targeting them.

B2 Riboflavin (in Alex Pack)\
Sore mouth. Lips, tongue
magenta tongue

Youngetivity has Selium 90 gelcaps also if these ring true.
Signs of Selenium Deficiency:
Heart palpitations
Irregular heartbeat
Cardiomyopathy (Heart Attack)
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS)
Age spots, liver spots
Muscle weakness
Myalgia (muscle pain and weakness)
Muscular Distrophy
Cystic fibrosis
Mutiple sclorisis
Anemia (RBC fragility)

Does that make sense? Verify that you can't be missing anything by taking enough of every thing essential.

In a month this could be well on it's way to being resolves. Let me know.

Free includes debt-free!