Comment: Thank you for the "Good Luck"

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Thank you for the "Good Luck"

I've been asking you, not telling you what you are doing. I'm calling the subject of this thread, "doom and gloom", and admitting, I don't see what good it does. You've changed the subject to Romney.. The top post is not about Romney.. it's about feeling something BAD is going to happen.. I don't feel that. You say you do.. ok what is that? You say taking away rights, speach, guns and freedom. I thought that already happened, not something that was going to happen.

So what are you doing in your little corner of the world? I told you what I'm doing. What are you doing? What is your thing?

We don't agree what the greatest tool is for mankind either.. I think the greatest tool for mankind is reason.

How did the keeping of my loyalty oath work out.. I was elected treasurer, so not only am I the banker, but I am a CA GOP delegate.

I did not support Romney. I am supporting RAND PAUL.

Romney is a neocon gloablist who had the GOP all sewn up. Ron Paul never said this would be a cake walk or free for all.. it's a good fight, and so we lose a few battles along the way.. it's still a great fight and I'm glad to be in.

I'm not in any race.. let's say you are light years ahead of me. Suit yourself. I wish you well.

As for the GOP, time will tell. I think politics marches left, right, left, right. You want to believe it's stagnate with the Demo9cratic Party.. enjoy. Are you a Democrat? Is that why you bring this up?

I have written three posts about Dr, Ben Carson. Wonderful speaker who I think is perfect for the Liberty Movement. Of course he has no experience, there are many issues, you have no clue where is stands on foreign policy.. but I like his solutions. He's a refreshing voice.. be great to see him get involved. GO FOR IT!!

I'm sticking with Rand Paul.