Comment: Resistance is futile.

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Resistance is futile.

Congress created the Federal Reserve, they will never give it up.

To think bankers fear government issued paper money is a laugh.

Over One hundred years the Gold Silver Ratio has been 47±6 or 13%.

Priced in silver the $FRN lost 87% over 100 years.
Priced in gold the $FRN has lost 96%

Lincoln Greenback sent gold skyrocketing to over $400/ounce. By 1972 the Jay Cooke's scam collapsed, the US was bankrupt and begging foreign creditors for a bailout.

Why would that strike fear in bankers hearts?

The secret to solving the debt problem, like Jackson demonstrated is to pay off the debt. Slash government to 1930 levels and pay off the debt if you want to see bankers sweat.

Free includes debt-free!