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my main point and only point really, is to advance depth on

this topic. every time something allegedly bad happens within the campaign especially when it has to do with legislative language messy mumbo-jumbo, people jump up and down, panic like little children, instead of finding out what it's really all about. when this happened, you immediately get half a dozen threads one after another, and it turns out none has done any digging, it's all the internet echo chamber bull shit everyone is propagating theories with not one person bothering to spend 1 minute to know even what the heck they are talking about or at least wait until someone has one less lazy bone to do so, know more on the subject, before they proceed to whine

in regards to the more moral part of implication you put out, i would just conjecture, that we don't know what is true. ron paul is known for being a private person about his affairs, when he thinks he has said enough on the subject, he just closes himself and lets the storm settle. it has bothered me too in the past especially when my gossip bone was itching as well to find out more, but this is him, like it or hate it. the moral part is the least i am worried about, to the extent some misfortunes happened, i will conjecture again it is either miscommmunication or owner of ronpauldotcom acting in bad faith. you don't really know them, be frank about it.