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Comment: You are obfuscating truth! Read the case... time is precious!

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You are obfuscating truth! Read the case... time is precious!

You continue to hawk one side of this case! It is unconscionable that some have apparently not read the whole case by now!

Or have you? And you are simply hiding the truth of Ron Paul's clearly righteous case?

The ones who are crying foul in this forum clearly signed agreements that they would not misuse another persons property rights, and, if they did so would by contract give up that use! All who have websites sign such!

They knew the rules! They broke the rules! It is obfuscation to claim a bogus 'UN argument' when they already agreed to abide by the law of internet use. It is solely by that law and the constitutional law of contract that Dr. Paul defends his property! The UN has nothing to do with this!

It would be absurd to make the claim (so far unstated but begging the question), that Ron Paul somehow does not deserve his own name and the property it represents for which he has spent his life! You all know this!

It is to Dr. Paul's great credit that he waited until they so egregiously held his property and name hostage for nearly one million dollars, before finally pursuing what is clearly and justly his right and his property! He had even offered them mid-five figures, a value far more in line with the potential justified costs incurred, but still very charitable.

It is also to his great credit that he is only asking for the return of his property, the protection of what is clearly his property, and doing so without seeking damages or further compensation!

Read the case! Learn the contract law! Learn the laws which properly protect a man's property, be it wealth, land, or his work! There is too much confusion being raised on this subject, in part due the lack of understanding for not having read the case and the law, and in part due the complaints suddenly arising from those who maybe hoped for wealth through Ron Paul's name!

What we all gave and all sacrificed in the last two campaigns for Liberty, and for the cause of Freedom spawned, no doubt in part, by Dr. Ron Paul, is not even close to being material to this issue! It is irrelevant! It is a shame to even mention such in the same context. One should care less about the amount given, leaving the subject of it's wise use for an entirely different venue and a wholly different debate.

To use such as an excuse for hawking his name and holding it's use hostage, might be due a lack of understanding, but it is unlike and unworthy of patriots who have demonstrated their far superior knowledge of justice, constitution, and the liberty so beholden to those structures!

There are some here who have given far more than just money to the cause of liberty, for even longer than Ron has been in office! Some who started our study of Austrian econ in the early 1960's. But we have seen in him not only a champion of the constitution worthy of his name, but also see in him and grant to him, our same humanity: a man worthy of all the Creator grants him, in all the forms of property wealth exists, including his name!

I call on all involved to read the case carefully, consider the contracts signed, separate out the issues, leave aside temptation to wealth or greed if it might be present, and drop all mention of giving for freedom which all did eagerly, and instead, put yourself in the shoes of the complainant for a change. Stripped of abstractions and obfuscations, of irrelevant issues and emotional distractions, we are faced with a situation which should have been handled differently, could have been handled wiser, and if all step back and remember real justice under liberty and freedom, might still be settled with grace!

Enough of contests over wealth. It is time to take back America! The loss to liberty being fueled by our own country is a far greater sword hanging over the heads of... not just Americans!

Truth and a Principle ABOVE PARTY,
and all America will come to your party!

Ron Paul 2016! Get use to it!