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Comment: The corrupt tyrants are exposing themselves:

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The corrupt tyrants are exposing themselves:

Yes, we are winning, BillRow! Here we are in 2013 ~ February. The tyrants are truly exposing themselves and from a look around, Americans who are not sound asleep do not like what they see ~ the continued waste of resources and lives in false flag wars, the utter dilution of family buying power and savings while Uncle Benny Bernanke prints eighteen billion dollars a month of air, knowing he is protected by an equally air-headed Congress and international bankster cronies. Continue to hang in strong to the message of freedom, loyal Paulers! Any missile of ill intent will boomerang soon upon all who seek to take away our liberty. Cases in point are George W. Bush's Patriot Act, Barack Obama's NDAA, Obamacare and any effort to sidestep the 2nd Amendment. All will come to a sunset clause end by a rising protest from We The People! End the Fed! Ron Paul will continue to be President in more hearts than anyone can fathom.

"The first and the last thing required by a genius is the love of truth."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Another of Buckminster Fuller gems : "The sole function of government is to get its hands into our pockets."

Mary 4 RP