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As usual...

This conversation eventually leads to the "would you buy a car without an engine?" argument.

Or maybe a better analogy would be "you can have your choice of cars, but they all come with the same (crappy) engine that is a compromise in order to meet all car manufacturers' needs."

Reminds me of my old Peugeot.

(No, not the '71 504 model with big fat tires and four wheel independent suspension and disc brakes all around and loads of rally/fog lights and ski racks and white with a blue racing stripe paint job and healthy two litre four banger and free flowing exhaust and four on the tree and skinny little chrome bumpers. THAT car was TOUGH.)

After that old goat finally bit the dust, I fell for a '79 604 with an overhead cam aluminum V6 designed by a committee of Peugeot, Volvo and Saab. Apparently it was a V8 until one of the higher ups in the bureaucratic tangle demanded that two cylinders be lopped off in the interests of economy (balance factor be damned!). Probably some UN plan or some shit.

What a piece of crap that engine was. Then John DeLorean buys up the remaining stock of them to put in his "sports" car. He must have been on drugs.