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And everyday

that this goes on, Chris will gain more and more support from around the world...he will get stronger. The LAPD and their 10,000 man militarized police force, their armored vehicles, their illegal wire tapping, their drones, their assult weapons, their reward money and all their friends at the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DHS, and ATF, will get weaker, and look more and more foolish and inept. And they know it.

If Chris lays low for a few months, just think how exhausted and paranoid the LAPD will become. Not to mention the amount of money they are spending...that they don't have.

And think how many people are going to call and report a "Chris sighting".....Chris himself could use this to have the LAPD running all up and down the California coast responding to these "Chris sightings". All Chris needs is a phone and a prepaid calling card.

My, my.