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Comment: Science Of Experience

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Science Of Experience

part of the: 'let it all hang out philosophy'. Be free, everyone is an expert.

Not so much what you eat but, 'what kind of person that you are, your attitude'.

There are always people who will tell you what you should and should not do.

As always, a balance is needed regardless what is consumed. So as in fertilizer that the plants are fed with. An over abundance of one can cause another to be locked up. Some not available, an imbalance occurs.

Vegan-ism is almost like a religion of some sort. Something to believe in. Abstaining from meats are for the weak.

How does he profit? What is influencing his train of thought? Religion? Only takes one degree off to 'mis the mark'.

Poison in the air, land and sea would be a more worthy study, IMB. Including, not forgetting all of the massive electricity going from pole to pole *edit: terminals across the farm lands. Bzzzzzzzzz
Might be appropriate here: in this case