Comment: So let me get this straight,

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So let me get this straight,

Trained police somehow put 40 bullets into an innocent civilian's truck.
Now the US is to use drones in the hunt for Chris Dorner.

It makes me think that they're trying to set up robots as the new policemen. Theoretically, robots are consistent, unquestioning, infallible, precise and highly accurate machines (with the right programming).

And the timing couldn't be better. This is in the wake of the drone memo leak, which raised some serious questions by the MSM and the people who knew very little about the drones in the first place.

But rest assured! King Obama will demonstrate how we need drones, and by finding the infamous cop-killer Christopher Dorner. Heck, the police were never trustworthy in the first place, aren't they? Ever since sheriffs started rebelling against the government over the second amendment, post-Sandy Hook, they need to be reformed and cleansed, or be replaced wholly by our computer overlords.

This is happening way too fast. It's doing my head in.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.