Comment: Also, the registry was hacked due to security short comings

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Also, the registry was hacked due to security short comings

for an unrecorded number of times. One member of parliament said in a speech that it was also accessed 3 million times as part of regular police duties. One bad cop then means there is who-knows-how-many copies of the database acting like a shopping list for criminals. I think the legislation also allows police to enter your home without a warrent for the purposes of an inspection -which you have to help them do-and if you're fire arm is stolen there's some reverse onuses clause that says you have to prove that it was stored properly or YOU are guilty of an offense. The registry I think has come to an end, not from public out cry but because is went from an 80 million price tag to over a billion. But there's no point in maintaining it now that they know where all the law abiding arms are and the draconian legislation is on the books. Also, Canada was already a peaceful country. Any reduction in violence? Nope. I live in one of the most dangerous cities in Canada for the last three years. We have had a few murders per year lately, for a population of 80,000, that's a lot by Canadian standards. I wouldn't say its from the legislation but it definitely didn't lower any violence. Luckily our courts seem to be doing their job. I haven't heard of anybody having their home inspected without a warrent because I think they know it would violate our charter and the legislation would be thrown out. But our Charter doesn't hold a candle to the constitution. Most of our right's can be suspended by sufficient parliamentary vote. Further, there isn't an ounce of property rights in there. If you guys want to be proud of your country, read your Constitution next to our Charter, and realize that we're lucky we have what we got.