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You do realize that the

You do realize that the Amazon is being deforested for soy...

Turning a desert into a savannah:

The oxidation of fatty acids yields significantly more energy per carbon atom than does the oxidation of carbohydrates. The net result of the oxidation of one mole of oleic acid (an 18-carbon fatty acid) will be 146 moles of ATP (2 mole equivalents are used during the activation of the fatty acid), as compared with 114 moles from an equivalent number of glucose carbon atoms.

Fat is a better energy source than glucose. Therefore, it had to be the preferred evolutionary fuel. Nature will optimize on the better fuel source. That is how natural selection works.

An evolutionary based diet is not a fad. Nature already had it all figured out. We just have to understand how nature works, i.e. science. The fad diet is what the USDA is pushing. To them, we're disposal units for excess grain.