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right you said you never ate

right you said you never ate very much which is not good for you and people become dangeruously deficient when they don't eat much food. also always cooking your food isn't the best thing.

My experience with high fat and protein low carb was bad. and I was always hefty and i lost a considerable amount of weight when i replaced the chicken breasts and eggs with oatmeal rice and lots of fruits. And i have a good large salad.

It works for me. Its changed my health and improved my mood. To eat mostly plants. I am NOT a vegetarian or vegan i do eat meat. But only 2-3 times a week do I eat meat in a meal. But i know for a fact because I know people who are and you can witness successful people who are, vegans vegetarians.

Also its interesting to note that bill clinton is a vegan and he does fine. There is just TOO much propoganda about animal fat and animal protein.